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"Life is about growth…changing…moving forward…taking off…Soaring”

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Wendy Horikoshi, MS, helps clients transcend limitations by embracing their strengths and capabilities and cultivating the sacred within. Wendy’s clients are often searching for congruency—where the physical, mental and spiritual are aligned. In the process of moving towards balance, clients are able to surrender what they need to let go of during transition, while creating openness for transformative change. (more)

Coaching Training
Do you want to increase on-the-job effectiveness and fulfillment by enhancing leadership, relationships, management practices/principles? Would you like to renew your commitment to reaching your desired outcomes, full potential or dreams? Do you want to deepen your understanding of yourself by learning more about natural preferences, learning styles, perspectives and patterns of behavior? Journey inward and your outerworld will manifest the changes you’ve made. (more) Do you want your staff to grow in their organizing, teambuilding & collaboration abilities? Could your organization or team benefit from enhancing their understanding and skills in transformative change, communication, leadership, organizational transition, being culturally-responsive or appreciative of gender styles? Would you like the services of a professional retreat facilitator who can help build your team, create a collective spirit, increase the motivation at your workplace while reaching your organizational goals? (more)

Books and Other Media Transformative Leadership
Coaching Referral Service

Teamwork Tools: A Revolutionary Approach for Manager and Trainers
by Wendy C. Horikoshi and Yael Schy

Looking for a design book to get your team to work together? With skyrocketing interdependence and teamwork in the workplace, managers and trainers are clamoring for effective teamwork strategies. (more)

The Roots of Self-Identity: Assessing Best-Fit MBTI® Type,
ebook by Wendy Horikoshi

This ebook discusses the roots of self-identity and how culture may affect the assessment of best-fit Myers-Briggs Type Indicator type. How might culture affect one’s understanding of identity? (more)

Collective Wisdom: Powerful Stories and Practical Advice for Achieving Success, edited by Donald Gerard

"This is a very interesting book. It provides different approaches to transformation. The book begins with coaching types of “shifts,” and moves towards the metaphysical. Many of the stories are about spiritual transformation. I especially appreciated how each vignette shared the culture and family stories."
--Nielsen Tam, retired principal and healer

Donald Gerard has gathered 40 authors, including myself, to share inspirational stories and words of wisdom on personal growth and success.

(more and to "buy book")

Coaching Skills for Non-Profit Managers and Leaders, Wilson and Gislason

Wendy Horikoshi wrote "Culturally-aware chapter" for Prism Coaching, which is included in this book, $40, available directly from CompassPoint, http://www.compasspoint.org/coachingbook

Transformative Leadership (TL) Coaches accompany you in reaching your goals through sustaining focus, making choices and taking aligned actions. TL Coaches help you envision and achieve effectiveness so that you and your organization can soar. TL Coaches foster an environment where issues about culture, race, class, power, community differences, as well as varying styles of leadership can surface.

Through the Transformative Leadership Coaching (TLC) Referral Service, you will be matched with the best possible coach for you. TLC Referral Service ushers you through the selection process to identify a coach who will help you to embrace your strengths and capabilities, while recognizing any gaps in yourself or your team.

All TL Coaches are seasoned professionals, work from a culturally-aware philosophy, have graduated from ICF Certified programs and maintain ethical standards. They are in learning communities with other culturally-aware professionals, and continue to gain wisdom from each other’s practices as well as from their clients. TL Coaches are ready to meet your needs in the business or public sectors whether you are an executive, middle manager, emerging leader or small business owner. To receive more information contact: Wendy@transformativeleadership.net

Two-hour single coaching session at discounted rate.
Referral promotion-10% of first payment of new client to person who refers me.

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