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Now available for purchase from TransformativeLeadership.net:

  • Teamwork Tools: A Revolutionary Approach for Manager and Trainers
  • The Roots of Self-Identity: Assessing Best-Fit MBTI® Type
  • MetaProfiles

    Teamwork Tools: A Revolutionary Approach for Manager and Trainers
    Wendy C. Horikoshi and Yael Schy, Kagan Publishing
    $39.00 (+ tax + $4.59 S&H)

    "I got rave reviews with the exercises... They are easily adaptable to various scenarios and organizations. This book has increased my flexibility as a trainer in the best possible way and I recommend it highly to anyone working with groups."
    --Hester E. van de Rhoer, Associate Director of HR, Yale School of Management

    "Not only does this training resource cover a variety of content areas, but the authors also target content for specific training groups—administration, customer service, finance, human resources, manufacturing, operations and sales and marketing, and information technology. The debriefs of the exercises provide excellent questions for group discussion and make each of the exercises more powerful than if the participants had simply completed the exercises. Teamwork Tools has already proven useful to me as a trainer, and I look forward to tapping into this resource in the future."
    --Dr. Judi Berzon, Human Resources Administrator, Union Sanitary District

    "What I especially appreciated was the narrative, written in an easy, friendly, and simple style so that it operates as a cookbook, or, more appropriately, a design book... sound experiential activities, here presented in a step-by-step fashion complete with multiple applications."
    --Laurie Lippin, PhD, Trainer & Coach, Lippin & Associates

    "If you are a company that has a need for internal training, I highly recommend that you consider using "Teamworks Tools"... This tool will enable you to make your in house training more effective."
    --Hank Sullivan, President, Strategic Solutions

    Are you looking for a design book to get your team to work together? With skyrocketing interdependence and teamwork in the workplace, managers and trainers are clamoring for effective teamwork strategies. This book offers exactly that: tools for successful teamwork. If you’re a corporate trainer, non-profit director, an executive, manager, teacher or employee developer, you will find powerful collaborative processes for teambuilding, enhancing communication skills, knowledge-building, skill-building, creative thinking, problem-solving, making decisions as a group, and exchanging information. Ideas and case scenarios clarify how you can use these teamwork tools with specific training groups including: administration, customer service, finance, human sales and marketing, and information technology. Make teamwork work with Teamwork Tools! 248 pages.

    Release the Full Power of Workplace Teams

    • 23 Step-by-step Strategies for Making Teamwork Work
    • Loaded with Ideas to use Teamwork Tools with all types of teams
    • Use the Power of Teams to Release Creativity, Build Skills, Make Decisions and Share Information

    Just released!

    Collective Wisdom: Powerful Stories and Practical Advice for Achieving Success
    edited by Donald Gerard
    $15 (+ tax and shipping)

    "This is a very interesting book. It provides different approaches to transformation. The book begins with coaching types of “shifts,” and moves towards the metaphysical. Many of the stories are about spiritual transformation. I especially appreciated how each vignette shared the culture and family stories."
    --Nielsen Tam, retired principal and healer

    Donald Gerard has gathered 40 authors, including myself, to share inspirational stories and words of wisdom on personal growth and success.

    (more and to "buy book")

    The Roots of Self-Identity: Assessing Best-Fit MBTI® Type
    Wendy C. Horikoshi
    $5.00 (+ tax)

    This new ebook discusses the roots of self-identity and how culture may affect the assessment of best-fit Myers-Briggs Type Indicator type. How might culture affect one’s understanding of identity? How effective is the MBTI and other psychological instruments with people of color? Are the norms of psychological testing inclusive of the diverse cultural groups in the US? How receptive are persons of color to psychological tools? How do the notions of the individual and the collective affect one’s sense of identity? Do power hierarchies and mainstream culture affect one’s understanding of self-identity? This e-book includes data from a study of Asian Americans taking the MBTI and suggests several factors that may interplay with taking a “styles” tool in identifying one’s personality. It explores whether Asian Americans acknowledge a group MBTI cultural type, the differences between MBTI instrument results and best-fit type, and the implications for the MBTI practitioner.

    MetaProfiles, CD, an NLP tool
    Hester E. van de Rhoer, GIA Coaching
    $25.00 (+ tax + $4 S&H)

    MetaProfiles defines Metaprograms, how to discover one’s own metaprograms, and how to use them to reach one’s goals. Metaprograms are thought patterns, filters, “processes of mind” and “mental software programs.” They describe constructs about behavioral, cognitive and emotional processes that reveal how people motivate themselves, sort and process information, make decisions, carry out plans and relate to others and to the world around them. MetaProfiles succinctly and thoroughly covers Metaprograms, a tool used within the NLP Community.

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