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"Life is about growth…changing…moving forward…taking off…Soaring”

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What is Coaching?
Wendy believes that clients are healthy, whole, and capable of solving their own problems. Coaching creates guided space for clients to reflect, engage, visualize, plan and take action for creating a desired future. In the coaching process, perspectives and behavior of clients change through hearing their own processing, and through identifying and choosing alternatives to habitual patterns or responses. Wendy’s clients tend to be seeking transformative change and to be experiencing transition in their lives.

Results with Coach Wendy Horikoshi
In their outer journeys, Wendy’s clients have become more effective in organizing, prioritizing and making decisions and in defining, completing and implementing one’s organizational and personal plans. In their inward journeys, Wendy’s clients have created flow in work and life amidst extremely busy schedules; balanced work demands with physical, mental and spiritual health; and become more resourceful and trusting of their intuition. Clients report being more congruent in all parts of their lives.

How Wendy is unique
Wendy integrates several complementary approaches that provide personalized, holistic coaching rather than a “coaching toolkit”. These techniques include: asset-based coaching using strengths and inquiry to uncover and mobilize “the best of what is true about you”; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) processes that deepen results and movement towards desired behaviors; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, a work style tool, to enhance communication, learning, healthy development and teamwork; Transformative Learning which shifts language to change the way one thinks and works; William Bridges Transition Training, & Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Principles which outline transition/healing stages; the power of one’s own stories to work with issues of diversity: culture, gender, class and one’s unique life journey; and achieving congruency through alignment of the physical, mental and spiritual, including the Emotion Code which releases trapped emotions. Wendy’s coaching reflects the current practices of inclusive leadership helping clients identify, create and engage culturally-responsive practices. Wendy has co-authored a book on engaging people in group work, Teamwork Tools, as well as articles on MBTI/culture, and leadership and human development.

What to expect in a coaching relationship
In a coaching relationship with Wendy, you can expect to: be heard and understood; be challenged - to make commitments and take action; tangible results as well as subtle shifts in perspectives and awareness; and be pleasantly surprised with what emerges!

Start your coaching journey by contacting Wendy today!

“I can see that I have improved in a number of areas—more aware and observant, more experienced in dealing with staff. Have also started a regular program of exercise, due to encouragement from Wendy. I am happier and more confident, despite some of the things that have occurred in the meantime. I have been able to deal with crises and still stay calm.” Lynette

“Wendy’s coaching is transformative. Wendy helped me reflect upon my core beliefs, reframe my goals to be in alignment and become more effective in creating change. This coaching experience has been the single most powerful influence in helping me make positive outcomes in the workplace and in my life.” Niel

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